The perfect ring!


Is not the first time when i write about Shesaidyes , but now is a special ocasion.

My best childhood friend found his other half and asked me to help him find the perfect engagement ring.

I can’t refuse him and I promised to help him impress the one who stole his heart.

I talked to him about where he was going to ask her to be his wife and I realized that he has a lot of emotions. I know he needs a special ring to impress her and say YES to marriage. 

Fortunately, I know exactly where to find that perfect ring. is the perfect store to find the perfect ring.

I showed him some rings that I particularly liked and the final decision of course he will make. He knows her better than I do, and he knows her tastes. I am sure that she will be very happy when she receives the ring and that they will be happy until old age.

From Tender line collection i chose this special ring. I think is very beautiful and she will ware it with love. I like it very much, hope she like it to.

I have to admit that my favorite collection for engagement rings is Hug me collection. Is very difficult to chose only one ring, all the rings are very beautiful and special. In the end I decided on this ring,named „kiss of swan”

After she said yes i think the couple have to buy moissanite wedding bands.

Also in this store you can find very beautiful wedding rings for both women and men at low prices.

He was very happy because he found here, on this online shop what he wants.

He was very happy because i help him and he promise me that it will analize all this rings and he will choose one of this rings. He will have to know the future bride ring size and he will engraving the ring with a special message. I think the future bride will be very happy and she will said YES.

What do you think about this jewelry? Do you buy something from Shesidyes?

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