It is relatively easy to go out and find an outfit that just works in so many ways for you. But the key to taking an outfit from the level of good’ to ‘great’ and even ‘jaw droppingly stylish and fashionable’ is a very simple term: accessorizing. The way you pair your supplementary accessories with your outfit says a lot about your sense of style and just how up to date you are with the latest trends. Shoes, earrings, chokers, headbands, bracelets- but what is arguably one of the most important and useful, yet often overlooked accessory is the classic handbag.

The modern world is all about efficiency and making things work in your favor rather than just having them look pretty. Everything has a purpose and if you can make it functional and fashionable at the same time, it is the biggest win you can get. Handbags, totes, and purses are the perfect accessory as they are not only incredibly useful, but they are the perfect addition to any outfit regardless of the nature of the occasion, formal, semi formal, or even in casual settings.

For Lolita girls, the task is even harder because how can you find that perfect bag that complements the vibe of your beautiful, vintage Lolita skirt or dress? We understand that Lolita girls greatly value fashion and pay incredible attention to their matching, especially when it comes to accessories such as handbags as they can serve to elevate any look. Well, here is a little help in this regard. Here, you have a handy compilation of some of the most stylish and best suited cute summer bags for Lolita girls. As long as you choose the right bag according to your clothing style, you can be a standout.

1. Star Bag:

When it comes to selecting the perfect handbag for yourself, there are multiple things that you need to take into consideration. One of the most essential things to consider is the final product of the sum of your outfit and accessories: what kind of a look are you going for? Do you want to come off as someone trendy, edgy, gothic, or classy? If you are going for a rather sweet and simple look that shows how you embrace your playfulness and imagination, then you may want to go for a bag that features stars, constellations, and heavenly bodies.

Take the example of the Meteor Jellyfish Lolita Shoulder Bag. The bag has been shaped like a jellyfish and is subsequently embellished with gorgeous meteor showers and a large bowknot to give it that dreamy and playful feeling. The transition between the rich dark blue and lighter blue colors looks gorgeous and is bound to pair well with all colors and styles of outfits, especially for Lolita girls.

Another great choice would be the Harajuku Style Starry Sky Lolita Bag. This classy shoulder bag features an eye catching embroidery pattern on its rich, velvety black surface in the form of a glittering, constellation-filled, starry sky, paired with an array of moon and stars.

2. Shell Bag/Jellyfish Bag

Another great way to stand out from the regular crowd is to go for a bag that is shaped uniquely instead of the classic rectangular and square shapes. Shell and jellyfish shaped bags are incredibly unique and equally stylish, allowing you to break the mold with a fashion choice that is not only new but also incredibly sweet and attractive. When paired with gradient or pearl accessories, you can truly channel the essence of being a mermaid princess.

Take the example of the White Pearl Shell Lolita Shoulder Bag. This incredibly elegant and classy bag features the shape of a pearl shell and gleams in a radiant, pure white color. Paired with a sweet bow at the bottom of the shoulder handle, the bag is petite, creative, and playful.

Another sweet addition to any Lolita skirt is the endearing Jellyfish Tassel Lolita Shoulder Bag. Fashioned in the form of a jellyfish, topped off with the features and accents that give it an adorably realistic look, this shoulder bag looks cute and sweet. The pastel colored bows and tassels that feature on the bag add character and make it a unique choice among a host of much of the same.

3. Candy Bag

Another great way to spruce up and elevate your simple and sweet Lolita skirts and dresses is by investing in a handbag that is not only a cute bag, but is also a little bit edgy and unique. The simplest of changes, embellishments, and modifications can help add so much more character, personality, and texture to your outfit. These embellishments can vary from, the shape and material of the bag, to the embellishments and individual features that constitute it that make it one of a kind and different from your regular, average handbag.

Consider the Heart Shaped Laser Chain Lolita Bag. This adorable little, candy shaped bag features a holographic material that reflects the light to give off a host of sweet colors on its surface. It also features a trendy and cool laser metal chain as its strap. The rungs of the metal chain look incredibly cool and stylish draped across your shoulder or placed diagonally on your body.

The Rose Garden Series Gothic Lolita Bag is another gorgeous choice when it comes to pairing the right handbags with your Lolita skirts and dresses. This unique but classy bag features a firm, circular shape that is decorated with a series of beautiful rose flowers, the red or pink buds connected with delicate embroidery work. The embellishments add a lot of texture and character to the bag and will do the same for your outlook, making you appear sweet and girly.

4. Navy Package

The key to making sure that your handbag game is always at the top of its peak is to keep indulging in variety. You will be surprised at just how many options you have when it comes to choosing the perfect handbag for a particular outfit. Totes, purses, satchels, minibags, shoulder bags, backpacks- the plethora of options and variety is what makes it so interesting and so much fun.

Shake things up a bit by opting for a tote or satchel bag as opposed to the classic handbag or purse style. This checkered Alice Tea Party navy tote bag is the perfect addition to the likes of sailor suits, Lolita skirts, and JK uniforms. The patterned body of the tote bag adds to the essence of the costume and helps to elevate it with its embellishments such as the sweet, baggy bow that sits atop the hem of the bag.


  1. Very cute Lolita handbags, look so sweet and modern, especially the lovely Candy bag. Also the prices look affordable so I’m looking forward to other models. I always follow your posts with huge interest.

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