Let’s get ready for summer!

Hello dear girls, To be ready for summer we have to buy new shoes, new summer clothes and bathing suit. We have to renew our wardrobe to look great every day and night, I am not right? One day i discovered Milanoo,a big online shop. I was very excited about what wonderful products I found here. Different sizes, various and beautiful models, low prices, exactly what I needed to make my dream came true. Ready for summer? Not yet but with Milanoo help i will be ready soon enought and i will make a good impresion to all the people.

Let me show you what I just added to my shopping cart. When i show Monokini new collection i was simply inlove of two one-piece swimsuits.

The first costume that caught my attention is this sexy floral suit with ruffles and a special print.I like it a lot because it is not a costume that you see in many people, it is unique and special and I think it will be a perfect piece of clothing for the summer season.

The second suit attracted me due to the shape and the combination of black and white colors. I would describe this costume as simple and elegant at the same time.

For the hot season i want to ware Gladiator Sandals. I like very much this type of sandals and i want to show you what i choose for Milanoo.

The first pair of sandals that I really liked are these black heeled sandals, suitable for summer. I want to wear them on hot summer days with steamy and colorful dresses. I chose the color black because it matches any color and I can match these sandals with several outfits without too many hassles.

The second pair of gladiator sandals is more suitable for more casual outfits but goes just as well with seasonal dresses. Being without heel, they are much more comfortable and can be used for long walks. I like it very much and I admit that for some time I wanted such a pair of sandals and I am glad that I finally found them here. How could I resist such sandals?

Do you like my choices?

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