Where you can find beautiful hip hop jewelry?

Hello dear friends,


Christmas is almost here and we have to be ready in time for the most important time of the year. Is my favorite period in the year. I simply love Christmas and i’m very curious what present i will receive this year. Because I was very good this year, I am sure that I will receive a very nice Christmas present. I don’t know what I will receive but I know for sure that it will be a very pleasant surprise. But I know what my husband will receive as a Christmas present because I personally took care to impress him.

I don’t want to divulge my secret but I want to help you in case you haven’t already bought the holiday gifts. I like to make Santa Claus every year and I am always attentive to details. This year I bought from the store Helloice a lot of interesting jewelery for men. My husband loves jewelry and I like to buy him something new every time I buy him a present.

Last time i bought for him hip hop jewelry and what do you think he liked them very much and now he always wears them.

This Miami  cuban link chain is his favorite jewelry. I’m very happy to see him wearing it.  This gives me the impression that I have chosen a good gift for him and I like to see him happy.

Next time i know already what he want to receive. He want a new special pendant. I saw at Halloice.com some iced out pendants and i know from the start what he want. I put in the chart this one. What do you think about it?

It is said that the owl is lucky so an owl pendant is definitely a very nice gift.

It is not at all easy to make a gift that is appreciated but everything is much simpler when you know where to buy them. For men who love to wear jewelry I recommend Helloice.com. I wish you to have the holidays the way you want with your loved ones.


Beautiful rings for special ocasion

Hi beautiful girls and boys,

I want to show you today a lot of special and beautiful rings for special ocasion. I find out from a dear friend that this big online shop, named

Jeulia is the perfect place were you ca find” the one”. Is very difficult to make a decision when you want to buy the ring for your chosen one. Now i want you to show you some engagement rings that i like it the most and maybe i can help you to chose one for the love of your hart.

This ring is called „Arrow to Your Heart” and is very beautifu and special. I love this ring very much and i think every girl think the same as me. Is simply the best. This ring is made by Silver and have a special design. The silver sone is the hart and means the entire love of you two.

Wow this ring si absolutly amazing, Is so beautiful. I love it very much. Is the type of rings that all girls want . All i want fro Christmas is this ring 😉

If the women of your life want to be you wife maybe is time tio search  wedding rings. For the most importantday in your life is very important the rig. Every girls know that your wedding day had to be perfect. Please take care of you and your love and chose the perfect ring right now. I have an another sugestion for you. Take a look at this weddindg rings.

Isn’t this ring absolutly perfect? I like it very much because is sperial amd i think you will get a very goog impresion .


This Christmas is time to promise rings. Don’t waist time anymore! Julia is the perfect place to make shopping this days.

Happy holidays dear friends!

Cadouri de Craciun de la Notino

In perioada acesta ma declar cel mai fericit „copil” din lume! Imi place atat de mult sa daruiesc si sa primesc cadouri incat as vrea ca aceste zile minunate sa nu se termine niciodata. Mereu mi-a placut sa fac pe Mosu’, cred ca este o meserie care mi se potriveste foarte bine iar anul acesta am avut chiar mai multi copilasi pe care sa ii bucur cu cadouri. Dupa cum bine stiti in luna August, familia noastra s-a marit cu inca un membru, o fetita minunata, care desi nu stie sa ii scrie Mosului , a fost foarte cuminte si va primi si ea anul acesta cadouri in dar. A trecut Mos Nicolae si toti cei 5 membrii ai familiei au primit daruri din partea Mosului. Pe copii i-am vazut bucurandu-se de dulciuri, de articolele de imbracaminte si de cartile primite iar noi adultii am primit in dar parfumuri de la Notino.

Chiar daca parfumul pe care i l-am facut cadou sotului meu, nu se afla in acest  top 10 parfumuri pentru barbati ,va voi spune de ce am ales Armani Aqua di Gio Absolu. El este fan parfumuri Armani. Recunosc ca l-am rasfatat de-a lungul anilor cu parfumuri fine si de calitate .Stiu cat de mult ii plac si sincer imi place sa il vad fericit. Mai are acasa de la Armani Stromger with you si Armani The code si este fascinat de aceste parfumuri iar eu ador sa ii simt parfumul . ACum sa va spun despre noul parfum primit de Mos Nicolae, este un parfum dulce, persistent cu o aroma putin iesita din comun, are acel ceva care ma atrage si care ma face sa spun ca am facut o alegere foarte buna. Nu seamana cu celelelate douan parfumuri de la Armani dar este absolut wow. Singurul meu regret este ca am ales o sticluta de 40 ml si nu am luat varianta mai mare insa nu e deloc timpul pierdut. Il recomand cu drag.

Pentru ca cele mai inspirate si sigure cadouri sunt cele care ti le faci singura ei bine vreau sa va arat ce am primit eu de la Mos Nicolae. De mult timp imi doream un parfum de la Carolina Hererra , Good Girl si acum a venit momentul sa mi-l cumpar. Am prins si o oferta foarte buna cu crema de copr din aceeasi gama cadou asa ca nu am mai ezitat si l-am comandat. Cred ca este cel mai bun parfum al meu la ora actuala. Am si eu cateva parfumuri de la Notino insa a devenit foarte repede nr 1 in topul preferintelor mele. El este „vedeta” in top parfumuri femei . Il ador. Miroase superb si rezista timp de cateva ore pe pielea mea si sotului meu ii place foarte mult cand „port”acest parfum.

Pentru Mos Craciun m-am gandit din nou sa aleg din categoria parfumuri barbati un parfum pereche pentru „pantoful” meu. M-am gandit la Bad Boy, daca eu sunt o fata buna si imi place atat de mult parfumul meu de ce sa nu il susprind din nou pe iubitul meu cu un parfum care desi nu stiu cum miroase sunt sigura ca va fi cel mai bun.

Sarbatori fericite dragilor si nu uitati sa ii surprindeti pe cei dragi cu cadouri din suflet.

Wayrates the best shop for men’s t-shirts

Is time to talk about men’s tactical clothing and about an online shop where to buy what you need. Wayrates is the perfect place for you, i-m sure because i have at home a man who tried Wayretes  clothes and is very satisfied. Believe me, he is a very demanding person and attentive to details and cannot be easily satisfied. Even though he is a man, he attaches great importance to detail. Usually women are the ones who pay attention to every detail and think a lot about whether or not to buy certain clothes. My husband is the kind of man who prefers to analyze before making a decision. Fortunately, I know he always makes the best choices.

Because I know my husband really likes mens vintage t shirts and I saw on Wayrates.com some beautiful t-shirts that I know for sure they will like I decided to make a Christmas surprise.

I chose two T-shirts that I really liked. I admit that it was very difficult for me to decide because I saw a lot of T-shirts that attracted me.

Le’s see what o chose in the end from this online store.

My first choise is this Men’s Retro Casual T-shirt.

Is a printed  long sleeved T-shirt  very cool. i was very happy because iI found his size. I would have been upset if it hadn’t been in stock because I really like it. I’m absolutely sure he’ll like it at least as much as I liked it. I already see him wearing this T-shirt, I’m sure he will look very nice. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he sees the surprise.

The second option is this men’s tactical outdoor.

My husband does a lot of sports every day. This t-shirt dries quickly and is exactly what he needs.I really like his well-worked body and I love him very much. He deserves the best and I am very happy that I will be able to bring a smile to his lips with my little surprise.

How do you impress your loved one for Christmas? What do you give them as a gift? Maybe it’s time to take a look at Wayrates.com and place an order for your boyfriend.

Don’t wait, the days go by and the holidays knock on our door. I wish you a happy holiday as you wish and be happy every day!

Where to buy beautiful trendy women’s clothing?

Most women often wonder where they can buy trendy women’s clothing .Because we want to look good at any time of the day and we want to make a good impression, we will always pay attention to what clothes we wear. We can’t wear the same clothes every day, nor can we want cheap, low-quality clothes. We really put a lot of emphasis on price, but quality always comes first.

We will never have enough clothes in our wardrobe and because fashion is always changing and we women will always buy what we like. Especially when we find the right place where we can shop at good prices we will certainly not stop shopping.

This has happened to me since I discovered the Holapick online store. I simply became addicted to this store and I can’t stop myself from buying something for myself.

How can I not buy when I see these fashion tops for women ?

I simply love this blouse, is perfect for me. I’m gonna ware it a lot this cold days. Isn’t this blouse beautiful?I also really like it because I am sure it is warm and I will be able to match it easily. It is very suitable both for day outfits and for going out to dinner with friends.

Another blouse i choose in this order is this one.

At first sight it looks like a classic blouse but the details make the difference. It’s a perfect item of clothing for the weather outside.Trandy and beautiful now you can buy this blouse at a very good price. Don’t waist more time and buy it is a great offer this days.

I can’t wait to receive my new order from Holapick and wear these two blouses I just ordered.

Have you ever bought anything from Holapick? Did you know about this store until I told you about it? I recommend you to order what you like from here because I was very satisfied with all the products I ordered from here. More than likely you will be satisfied if you order. Have fun shopping my dears.

The most important gift for a woman

We all know that women love jewelry. This is no longer a secret. On Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day, a woman will always appreciate a gift from the heart.When it comes to the engagement ring, however, a woman will always have high expectations. The engagement ring must be special, beautiful, elegant, absolutely perfect. If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, I recommend you buy it from shesaidyes.

If I had known about this online jewelry store in the past, I would have definitely told my husband to buy my engagement ring there. I would have liked to have asked for a wife in Paris, but it seems that we can’t go back to the past.Instead, I will remind him that in a few days Christmas is coming and I know exactly what I would like to receive this year. I saw some absolutely gorgeous jewelry at shesaidyes.

Ever since I saw the moissanite bridal sets I’ve always thought about them. I just can’t get them out of my head. I really like this ring. I think it’s a beautiful, special ring, just like I dreamed.


SHE·SAID·YES "Truly Love You" Pear Cut 2pcs Bridal Set

I have seen a lot of moissanite rings really beautiful. Once you enter this online store you will simply be in love and at the same time confused, you will not know what to choose because all the rings are absolutely gorgeous. 

SHE·SAID·YES "My Beloved" Wedding Ring

Now I also understand men who are very shy and who postpone the moment for fear of failing. The marriage proposal is a very important moment in a couple’s life and it must be perfect. And the ring is definitely the most important.

If you search a classic wedding rings you can find it here, at www.shesaidyes.com.Dare to take the first step. Ask your loved one to be with you for better or worse with the most beautiful engagement ring and he will certainly not refuse you.

The ring is the first step to your life together. I wish you to be happy and to have only beautiful moments together! Love each other a lot and respect yourself!


Beautiful matching Outfits for Christmas Party

Today is the first day of December and the winter holidays are very close. We all look forward to the best time of the year when we receive and give gifts to our loved ones. Young or old we all love Christmas! It’s so nice to be all together and have a great time with our family and friends. This year will be a special one for me. Little Laura has appeared in our lives, the little girl I have wanted all my life and who has been waiting for a long time. I admit that I always envied the young mothers of little girls who always matched their daughters. I liked these outfits so much and I really wanted to have such an experience with my little girl. This year i can buy for us matching family clothes

I already know where are the most beautiful matching outfits Mammy & Baby. I saw a lot of nice dresses mother and daughters on popopieshop, a big online shop with very beautiful clothes.  I chose something for me and my little girl. Do you want to saw what i chose?

This dresses made by red velvet are absolutely perfect for Christmas. I always dreamed to ware matching family outfits in the Holy Night. This year all my dreams came true and i’m very happy.

For me and my husband and the boys i chose this mathing outfits. This year a want to make a lot of photos. I hope tomorrow we wil make the Christmas tree and i wish to call a good photographer to schedule the photo shoot. 

Now our familly is complete and happy and i want to remember our first Christmas in 5 , the first Christmas for pur little girl. I loke very much this outfits from popopieshop,

I almost don’t know what to buy from this online store because there are so many absolutely gorgeous clothes. It was a very difficult choice but in the end I stopped at these two sets and I am looking forward to receiving them. Are you used to wearing holiday outfits? Do you have a Christmas photo shoot with your family? If you have not yet bought clothes for the much-dreamed-of photo session or for the winter holidays, I recommend this popopieshop online store.

I am sure you will find everything you want here and you will be very happy with your familly on Christmas.